Leontiev L.I. - Chairman of the Research council on metallurgy and physical metallurgy of RAS, member of the Presidium of RAS, academician of RAS

  Smirnov L.A. – Leading researcher of Institute of Metallurgy UB RAS, Member of the RAS, 

 Perestoronin S. V. – Minister of Industry and Science in Sverdlovsk region 

 Zakharov V. N. – Director of Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources Russian Academy of Sciences

 Mashkovcev G.A. –  General Director of  All-Russian scientific-research institute of mineral Resources named after N.M. Fedorovsky (VIMS)

  Semenov V.V.  – General director of CNIICHERMET

   Panyshin А.М.  Technical director of Ural Minung and Metallurgical company “UMMC-Holding” Corp.


620016 Russia,
Amundsena street 101,

Institute of Matallurgy of the Ural Division of Russian Academy of Science

Marshuk Lesya
Phone.: +7(343) 2329029